Ford Mustang soon be more attractive to European customers


In order to expand the market for the sale of the Ford Mustang are doing our best to push this legendary model on the European market, due to the speculation that this model had a very positive reception by European buyers, if somewhat adjust their standards. Ford’s product development team wants to find ways to make the model more affordable Mustang customers outside of North America. This could be one of the toughest challenges for Ford’s product development team has since remained some time since the introduction of the Mustang in Europe 2014.


Ford design chief Martin Smith of Europe believes that this will be an extremely difficult task because the American manufacturer has to find a way to meet the one hand, loyal customers in the U.S., and on the other that he should make it attractive to new buyers. Manufacturer aims to keep this model North American icon, but also to adapt Mustang global engineering and design standards. So far, the Ford Mustang was sold in Europe in small quantities through private importers.


As the voices came from Ford that will be replaced by the famous Mustang engine, which will hitherto be packed monster engines less volume, there is a possibility that the European market will be very interested in this car, because it will be equipped with engines that often have the opportunity to we see in the European market.

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