2013 Ford Fiesta RS WRC


Ford Fiesta RS in the VRC World Championship Rally is presented by the Qatar team colors M-Sport World Rally Team. As we can see in the photos, generally a team sponsor Qatar. Highest appreciation for the support of the state Qatar, the M-Sport owes Nasser Al-Attiyah, who will be in the car Ford Fiesta RS WRC competition at the sedan appear in the calendar of the World Rally Championship.

2013 Qatar M-Sport World Rally Team

Recall, Ford eventually withdrew from the 2012 season of the World Rally Championship as a factory team, but the program has continued at a high level team M-Sport. Qatar color M-Sport World Rally Team in the 2013 season, will defend Mads Östberg, Evgeny Novikov and Thierry Neuville. Although Ford, as a factory team, left the World Rally Championship, the continued development of the car company M-Sport, which until now has prepared the cars for the brand WRC championship.


To compete against the factory teams, M-Sport has significantly improved its Fiesta, which will be reflected in the design of the car, similar to a successful facelift this market car. The front of the car is more aggressive, and the changes are observed in the hood, grille and light clusters. As expected, the most significant change in technique will suffer a car.


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